Where Freddie Freeman, Carlos Correa could land

We are closer to major league baseball.

That sentence contains no great insight. Either the league and the Players Association will negotiate a settlement in the coming days and the season will start on time on March 31, or they won’t and Opening Day will be pushed back to mid-April or early May, or …

Unless the league is disbanding, though, every second moves us closer to a return of the sport. And I might not have the greatest faith in the negotiators, but I doubt this will lead to disbandment. OK, I am certain it won’t lead to disbandment.

So at some point, the whistle is going to blow and there is going to be a flurry of transactional activity. There are three linchpins to that activity: Will Freddie Freeman really leave the Braves? Can Scott Boras get Carlos Correa more than he got Corey Seager ($325 million)? How many players will the A’s be trading and how quickly?

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