What should MLB do to fix extra innings?

MLB and the Players Association are still negotiating COVID protocols for the 2022 season, a set of rules that includes whether to place a runner on second base to begin each extra inning.

They are too far along in the process to consider a new concept, but if you visit this corner of the world with any regularity (thanks), you know I am not against offering suggestions.

Before I get to what I would do with extra innings, I want to lay out two concepts:

1. Major league rules are man-made. Every one of them. In this sport, more than any other, we hold onto them as if they descended from the heavens. The NBA enacts drastic changes such as the 24-second clock resetting to 14 seconds after an offensive rebound (instead of 24), and nary a protest is heard. MLB says don’t waste the time throwing four balls and just send the runner to first if you want to issue an intentional walk, and it is treated like an attempt to eradicate one of the Ten Commandments.

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