Welcome to the 2022 Fantasy Baseball Season! – Fantasy Baseball 2022

Welcome to the 2022 Fantasy Baseball Season!

Hi Folks,

Welcome to the start of our
2022 Fantasy Baseball Season! The start of what is expected to be a full MLB season,
lockout be damned.

As I have written in the
past, the art of MLB player
projections continues to evolve. With the advances in data collection,
there are new indicators introduced every season which aid us in breaking
down a player’s core skill/ability. Indicators that measure batted ball
speed, quality of contact, and location
are helping us refine our
projections model into unprecedented territory. Indicators such as HR/FB
rates are no longer looked at as universal or blanket rates. Each hitter
has a unique ability to control and command these rates, and we’re finding
that the determining factors are more eloquent than just simply batted
ball speed
. Directional tendencies are now charted and those with a
higher pull% tend to compensate for lower batted ball speeds, while those
with higher opposite field ability tend to command a higher BABIP. 
Our batter projections model separates each projected plate appearance
into one of three categories: ground balls, fly balls, and line drives.
From there, indicators such as: quality of contact, speed, home park
factors, and direction of contact help us ascertain the likely outcome of
a player’s batted balls. Needless to say, I’m excited about the
correlation relationship that we’re seeing in our baseball forecasting

Below are some of the
screenshots of Player Projections | Draft Advisor program:


Whether you are utilizing our player projections software to produce customized cheat sheets,
research player historical trends, as a live draft advisor, or as a Mock Draft
tool, the 2022 version is wired for your fantasy
championship quest.
Once again, back this year will be
all of the essential season services including our Minor League
Prospect Central, Daily Analysis & Press News, Player Production Charting, 
Player Recommendations, Player Tracker, online fantasy databases, 14 day
pitching rotations,
and our weekly lineup submission aid.

Over the coming days we’re going
bring you a different perspective served up by some of the best
analysts in the business. If you are new to us, please be sure to
sign up for our

free player projections newsletter
The end game is of course providing you with a competitive season,
and we hope that you’ll start it with what we believe is our best product to
date. Stacking the odds in your favor from draft day, round by round, to
season’s end. Click here to
register for 2022.


Fantistics Draft
Advisory Software

Helping you win your
Fantasy Baseball League in 2022


  • Our player projections model was created and is maintained by our founder and lead Statistician Anthony Perri. Using advanced and cutting edge Sabermetric indicators, which now include velocity indicators on batted balls, our player projections are trusted for accuracy by several Major League Baseball front offices.
  • Over the past 20 years, we have correctly forecast the statistical direction on over 7 out of 10 professional baseball players for their upcoming season (see the results














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