THE EYES HAVE IT PODCAST: Ep. 31; Rays Prospect Fanclub

Episode 31

Brent & Chris discuss a bunch of Rays guys, including the rookie struggles of Josh Lowe and Vidal Brujan and a slew of live looks.

Runs 54:00 Minutes

The Eyes Have it- Episode 31 is available here (Right-click to download and save; left-click to listen in your browser); as well as on our Apple Podcast Page and via RSS feed.


2:34 Rays Organization uniqueness 
4:34 Josh Lowe & Vidal Brujan prospect struggles
13:58: Kyle Manzardo (1B, TAM)
20:28 Alexander Ovalles (OF, TAM)
24:09 Osleivis Basabe (SS, TAM)
28:24 Heriberto Hernandez (OF, TAM)
32:31 Mason Montgomery (LHP, TAM)
38:21 Logan Workman (RHP, TAM)
45:23 Other notable High-A Rays Names
47:37 What’s on Tap
50:00 First Pitch Arizona News 


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