Make-Up Games: MLB Showdown – Baseball ProspectusBaseball Prospectus

Designer: Wizards of the CoastPublisher: Wizards of the CoastGenre: Collectible Card GameRelease Year: 2000 (six to seven new sets annually through 2005) Current availability: aftermarket (varies, some holographics $50+), 2002 sets digitized for Tabletop RPG […]

Sunday Notes: Sergio Romo Doesn’t Plan to Pitch Forever (Really)

Sergio Romo moved past Walter Johnson on the all-time pitching appearances list a few days ago. Now in his fifteenth season, and his first with the Seattle Mariners, the 39-year-old right-hander has taken the mound […]

Orioles Play The Lovable Loser In A Classic Skubal Comedy

“This is 911, what’s your emergency?”“I need a defibrillator!”“Someone’s having a heart attack?”“No, it’s for the dead ball.”“Please stop calling, sir.” Tarik Skubal was a victim of being sneezed on by Matthew Boyd, and used to […]

Every member of MLB’s 30/30 club

The most dynamic MLB players seem to always possess the same unique skill set. A rare blend of both power and speed. The combination is celebrated with entry into the game’s exclusive 30/30 club (30 […]

Sunday Notes: Royals Prospect Nick Loftin Finds Golf Challenging

Nick Loftin could get away with covering the entire plate against high school and college hurlers. That’s far harder to do in pro ball, which is why the 23-year-old Kansas City Royals prospect — per […]