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Aloha, salutations, greetings and WAAAZZZZAAAAAAA?!?!? (remember that?!) to everyone out there in fantasy baseball land! My name is Steve, and I’m taking the reins when it comes to talking about the RazzSlam at you from our esteemed editors, Blair and Donkey Teeth. Why, you might ask? Because they’ve got far more important things to do with their time. I’m like an intern. I’m like Season 2 Greg the Egg: just keeping the lattes flowing.

So why am I here, and why are you reading this? Well… I can’t really answer the second question, which might require some introspection on your part, but as to the first, I’m here to tell you all about RazzSlam 3: Deuces Wild!

You see, the 2022 fantasy baseball season is quickly approaching! And while, as of this writing, it isn’t absolutely clear when the baseball season might start, we here at Razzball believe firmly that one should always walk blindly and unflinchingly into the future, always hoping for the best. Preparing for the worst? That’s someone else’s problem.

In the simplest terms possible, RazzSlam is a fantasy baseball tournament that pits “Pros vs Joes”… and last year’s overall champion was, literally, a Joe, as in a fan, Joe Asher, took down the whole enchilada, beating #2 Paul Sporer of FanGraphs and #3 Nick Mariano of RotoBaller in the final championship bracket. So, indeed, fans and readers: it CAN be done.

Here’s what you need to know about RazzSlam 3:

What: It’s RazzSlam 3: Deuces Wild! Free-to-enter, all are welcome!

Who: Huge names representing the biggest fantasy sites in the industry will compete alongside fans from across these great internets for the RazzSlam trophy. The field for the main event is 75% analysts and 25% fans. There’s a qualifier league for those not included in the main event. You’ll compete against Razzball’s own Grey Albright, Rudy Gamble, and Donkey Teeth, and some of the top names from other fantasy sites. In 2021 we were joined by Andy Behrens, Scott Pianowski, and Dalton Del Don from Yahoo; Eno Sarris and Derek Van Riper from The Athletic; Paul Sporer from FanGraphs; Jeff Erickson from Rotowire; Chris Towers from CBS; Mike Gianella of Baseball Prospectus; Matt Williams of RotoFanatic; Alex Fast and Nick Pollack of PitcherList; and Justin Mason of Fantasy Friends with Benefits; and Yancy Eaton of literally everywhere…Whew! Who will join us in 2022? Why not you?

Where: The NFBC will graciously host the ‘Slam, using their Cutline Championship Format.

Why: Goodness gracious, why not?! 2020 and 2021 were hard years on everyone! Let’s just try to enjoy 2022 with some friendly fantasy baseball tournament play!

When: Slow drafts with a 4-hour per pick clock will begin at 11am ET on Tuesday, February 22. That’s right: 2/22/22! DEUCES WILD!

How: To participate, fill out the form below and click submit. A fan lottery will take place near the draft season. The fan lottery will consist of 80% from people who are premium tools subscribers and 20% from the “Cheap Ass Fans” pool who don’t subscribe to the tools.

Format: This contest will mirror the NFBC Best Ball Cutline Championship Rules, except we’ll feature 12 team leagues rather than 10 team leagues. Here is everything you need to know about the 2022 RazzSlam Rules and Format.


1st Place – RazzSlam Engraved Trophy brought to you by Young Bat Company (priceless), Razzball MLB DFS Premium Subscription ($149.98 value), Choice of one shirt from the Razzball Rotowear Collection ($24 value)

Runner UpRazzball MLB Roto Deluxe Subscription ($34.98 value), Choice of one shirt from the Razzball Rotowear Collection ($24 value)

Consolation Winner – Entries into the 2023 RazzBowl and RazzSlam

12-Team, modified Best Ball played at NFBC. Here’s the Rules.


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