Original Mets recall first spring as NYC’s ‘lovable losers’

Do the Mets hold an unofficial record?

Were they the most adorable and beloved infant franchise in the history of North American professional sports? All people (with perhaps one exception) are cute as babies. How many businesses can say the same?

New York’s National League entry turns 60 this year, and part of the Mets’ yearlong birthday celebration includes having a few of the players from their original team, the 1962 Metsies, appear at their Old Timers’ Day reboot.

No small part of the reason that club remains revered by Mets fans of a certain age is, of course, due to an official record they still own, their beautifully awful 40-120 record, the worst single-season mark by any group in modern baseball. Yet their long-lasting charm cannot be attributed solely to such epic futility. It also speaks to the personalities, most of them gone, who made up that unforgettable, very beatable entity.

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