NL West: DHs for 2022 Fantasy Baseball

In the last of the series where we (I) cover the incoming NL DH class of 2022 fantasy baseball, we turn our lovely eyes West to the NL West, and today we’re joined by the great Pacific Northwesterner, Edger Martines. Edgar Martinez, Mariners’ Hall of Fame DH, wasn’t available, so I searched an online database for someone who sounds like him and who lives in Seattle.

“So, Edger Martines, what was it like being a DH? Anything these new NL DHs can gleam?”
“I work at a Chipotle.”
“That’s great! I love their rice.”

To find our NL East DH fantasy baseball recap-a-thingie click that link, and to find our NL Central DH fantasy baseball whose-he-whats-is click that. So, who are the best candidates for DH on the NL West teams, and what can we expect from them for 2022 fantasy baseball?


Gavin Lux – Went over him in the top 20 2nd basemen for 2022 fantasy baseball.

Matt Beaty – Can’t tell you how many times I’ve spelled his name Mat Beatty — okay, 14 times! But once is too much. As I pointed out a lot in the NL East DH post, the Dodgers’ situation feels like where the biggest benefactor of the DH will be the catcher, and just in time for the Fresh Prince dramatic reboot! Peacock is no longer just what I scream while at a urinal! Anyway, back to Meat Beating–I mean, Matt Beaty! He’s a platoon guy vs. righties, and even that might stretch his viability.


Jurickson Profar – Went over him in the top 20 1st basemen for 2022 fantasy baseball.

Ha-Seong Kim – Went over him in the top 20 2nd basemen for 2022 fantasy baseball.

Nomar Mazara – Here’s what I just said the other day on him, “Signed with the Padres. Padres are too close to winning it all to not sign one more bat, which is not what they said right before signing Mazara, but what they’re still saying. On our Hitter Projections, Mazara’s down for 238 at-bats and 9 HRs, which is just great. Seriously, Mazara was on pace to hit 9 homers in 600 at-bats last year with a 48% ground ball rate, so 9 in less than 250 would be a major improvement. I think I’m holding off for now on drafting him.” And that’s me quoting me!


Darin Ruf – *streamers fall from the ceiling* Finally! We’ve found the one guy in the NL who actually feels like an everyday DH. Of course, with that said, Ruf will now only have 75 at-bats all year and the DH spot will be shared by Wilmer Flores, Duggar, La Stella, Belt and ten other guys all named Luis Garcia. Anyway, here’s Ruf at my top 20 1st basemen for 2022 fantasy baseball.


Seth Beer – He sounds like a DH. If he could, Matt Stairs would crack Beer’s head open and guzzle down that frothy goodness. If you’re giving birth, and your last name is Beer, name that kid, Dong, because he’s gonna be hitting them in the majors by the time he’s 26 (only barely though because he’ll have such terrible contact issues that people will joke behind his back that he was named “Most Likely To Become An Announcer”). Beer’s got exactly the profile you think of someone named Beer. Keg Legs hits for power and nothing else. He did have moments of decent contact in the minors, so maybe he sneaks into a .260 average. He screams a guy who looks good if you squint hard enough, but there’s no way he stays on your team. Call it Beer goggles. Also, Seth Beer is mentioned in this video. Subscribe to the YouTube channel.

Pavin Smith – Dbacks need Jay Clam or maybe Seiya Suzuki. Jay Clam’s got a better shot of returning to Arizona, while Seiya’s prolly definitely saying see ya to them fools in the desert. The Dumbasses might just give Jordan Luplow 250 ABs. That’s a big woeful sigh from me. As for Pavin, here’s my top 20 1st basemen for 2022 fantasy baseball. By the by, speaking of Seiya Suzuki, our hitter projections now have him listed, and the stats we’re giving him are really good. Also, selling me hard on him was Coolwhip with his Seiya Suzuki fantasy. I might have to draft him in one league, but Seiya’s still a free agent so he’s only tentatively projected in my top 500.


Charlie Blackmon – If only I could be there for the first day that they try to explain to Bud Black the Rockies have the DH now. That’ll be the funniest six-hour conversation. “DH? Like D.H. Lawrence? Is he authoring this year’s lineups? Hey, is that package moving company, DHL, owned by him?” You thought it was hard for Bud Black to get accustomed to starting Garrett Hampson after four years, we’re going to get to June and Bud Black is still going to be having German Marquez hitting. Chazz Noir’s blurb can be found in the top 80 outfielders.

Ryan Vilade – A lot of NL DHs have this caveat hung around their neck, “Even if this guy gets 500 at-bats, you don’t want him.” Unfortunately, as with most years with the Rockies, some of the most interesting flyers are on their team, and they have no hope of ever playing. Bud Black stands by Charlie Blackmon’s locker for twenty minutes saying, “Hey, I’m a Black, mon,” in a bad Jamaican accent. Vilade has no path to playing time, unless someone in that organization actually smartens up and plays him. If he does get the call to play outfield (with Blackmon at DH), Vilade might be the biggest fantasy value boost for the first waiver wire period of the season. He has 15-20 homer power, and 10+ steal speed, while always maintaining great contact. He should be the Rockies’ two-hole hitter, but Black will try everyone else there first. He’ll try Yonny Daza there because Bud used to watch Who’s The Boss?

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