MLB Preparing To Make Its “Best Offer” To MLBPA Before 5pm Deadline

Major League Baseball is preparing to extend its best and final offer to the Players Association before today’s self-imposed 5:00pm EST deadline, a league spokesperson announced to several reporters (Twitter thread via Jordan McPherson of the Miami Herald). The league official indicated MLB believed there to be a “path to a deal” late last night and agreed to extend its deadline while awaiting a counteroffer regarding the luxury tax.

The league contends that the union’s “tone” has changed today, whereas MLBPA officials have told reporters that their tone has remained consistent (Twitter link via Yahoo’s Hannah Keyser). The union’s message throughout the day has been that, for all the optimism MLB tried to express last night, a good bit of work remained in many key areas. The MLBPA continues broadcast a desire to negotiate, but the league is now once again drawing a hardline status and implying a take-it-or-leave it style offer which is “fair for both players and clubs” will be put forth in the coming hours.

More to come.

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