Kelsie Whitmore becomes first woman to start for Atlantic League

Kelsie Whitmore has put her name in the baseball history books.

On Sunday Whitmore became the first woman to start a game for the Atlantic League, an MLB partner league.

In a game between the Gastonia Honey Hunters and the Staten Island FerryHawks, Whitmore’s team, the 23-year-old started in left field, recording a few flyball outs.

The Cal State Fullerton alum went 0-for-2 at the plate, batting ninth. She was pulled from the game in the eighth inning after being hit by a pitch.

“I’m grateful for all the opportunities I’ve been given. This one, by far, I’m really looking forward to, because it’s next level for me,” Whitmore said in a postgame press conference.

Kelsie Whitmore
Kelsie Whitmore became the first woman to play for the Atlantic League Sunday.

Whitmore not only plays as an outfielder but is a talented pitcher as well. Currently, she is being trained by former MLB ace Nelson Figueroa.

Previously, Whitmore played for the U.S. women’s baseball team from 2014-19 and played for the Sonoma Stompers of the Pacific Association. Her eventual goal is to advance to the Major Leagues; Whitmore would be the first woman to play for MLB.

“Playing baseball at the highest level is my goal. You know, if you ask any other guy that’s going to be in the league what his goal is, it’s the same thing, to get to the next level and play at the highest level I could possibly play at,” Whitmore said.

“Eventually, I want to play in affiliated ball. I want to make this game my career, my living, and just, you know, be a part of it as much as I can.”

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