HQ Radio Jun 24, 2022: Friday Full Edition w Jason Collette

June 24 BaseballHQ Radio is up!

Show No. 24 is a Friday Full Edition, featuring an interview with Jason Collette of Rotowire, discussing finding SBs, summer slugging, injry management, players like Oneil Cruz and Jack Suwinski, and his Boons and Banes… also NL news with Harold Nichols and AL News with Ray Murphy  … Plus BaseballHQ analyst Alex Beckey has his Frequent Flyer commentary and BaseballHQ Radio host Patrick Davitt has his Extra Innings comment … Runs 2:49:15

Show Rundown

> Feature expert interview Part 1 (1:55): Jason Collette

> NL News (54:45): Harold Nichols looks at a pitching shakeup in NY, an OF shakeup in MIL, and the arrival of a potential star in PIT, and others…

> AL News (1:18:20): Ray Murphy looks at injuries roiling lineups in CHW, TAM, and BOS, more…

> Feature expert interview Part 2 (1:58:30): Jason Collette

> Frequent Flyer (2:40:10): BaseballHQ analyst Alex Beckey looks at ARI OF Stone Garrett …

> Extra Innings (2:43:45): HQ Radio host Patrick Davitt discusses a couple of feel-good stories in a week when we could use some feel-good in our lives… …

BaseballHQ Radio is available directly here (right-click to download and save; left-click to listen in your browser). It will be available shortly at most podcatchers…



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