GM’s OFFICE: Your essential 2022 draft-weekend primer

‘Twas just three (!!) week ago when, we spelled out our condensed roadmap of our preseason coverage in The Preseason Plan. But that was a lot of info, and if you have hours rather than weeks left before your draft, you need things boiled down for you. We’ve got you covered.

To facilitate your critical final stages of prep time, we thought a little primer/pointer to the critical information you need for this weekend would be useful.


The news has been coming fast and furious this week; Playing Time Today has it all covered. And for the latest injury analysis, check Matt Cederholm’s Big Hurt article from this week; this will be updated on Saturday.

Also be assured that our latest projections are up to date with all the recent news. We’ll be running projections updates multiple times a day through this weekend, so grab the latest projections as close to your draft as possible to catch our most current adjustments.

ADP Data

You’ll find Average Draft Position (ADP) data embedded in all of the tools on the site. But Ed DeCaria’s research article last week on draft-day analytics (with 2022 updates) brings more utility than ever to that familiar ADP data. It’s absolutely vital info for peak draft season here.


If you’re (understandably) in “it’s too late, just give me the rankings and I’ll absorb the philosophy behind them later” mode, just head over to our Custom Draft Guide. Take a minute or two to set your league parameters on the Setup page (here’s a brief YouTube video to walk you through that). Then click ‘Generate Values’ at the bottom of the page, and you’ll get our projections, with values customized based on your inputs. There are a variety of output formats available, from positional rankings to CSV downloads. But check out the ‘grid’ option for our favorite, the cheat-sheet view. And you can customize that cheat sheet with important info like ADPs, dollar values, position eligibility as you see fit. This is your draft-day answer key.

If you’re in a straight draft, head over to our Straight Draft Guide, which has its own set of rankings updated and ready for your download.  At the bottom of that page, we have also curated a short(-ish) list of our most essential articles from this preseason. Catching up on some of those articles is a great way to set your pre-draft frame of mind, and soak in as much last-minute insight as possible. Of particular relevance there: our All-Value and All-Avoid teams, where we compare our projections to the marketplace to identify the over- and under-valued in this year’s player pool.

Coming this weekend…

We’re a seven-day-per-week operation from now through the end of the season, so the content doesn’t stop today. More essentials are on tap for this weekend — we’ve got the Starting Pitcher Buyers Guides (featuring all teams’ rotation previews) and Bullpen Buyers Guides (with closer updates) on the site already, with the Batters Buyers Guides (all team’s lineup updates) coming this weekend.

Final word

Time to get to work! Go get your guys this weekend… Opening Day is just around the corner!

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