Effectively Wild Episode 1831: Where the Rubber Meets the Mound

Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter about Jacob deGrom’s latest injury, the White Sox-Dodgers trade involving Craig Kimbrel and AJ Pollock, umpires explaining replay reviews, “Home Run Derby X,” a lousy likeness of Derek Jeter, Yankees games on Amazon Prime and the continued splintering of baseball broadcasts, and an update about MLB’s official cerveza and official beer, then (39:43) bring on listener and Patreon supporter Stefan Lund to discuss his podcast-listening and baseball-loving origin stories and a confusing Shohei Ohtani reference on Billions and answer listener emails about the lack of captains in baseball, whether a reliever could still win a Cy Young or MVP award, how innings totals are displayed, what to call players who bat left-handed and throw right-handed, the Guardians’ new theme song, and how different baseball would be if the pitching rubber extended from foul line to foul line, plus a Stat Blast (1:41:51) about Albert Pujols, Oliver Marmol, and players who are older than their managers.

Audio intro: Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention, “Go Cry on Somebody Else’s Shoulder
Audio interstitial: Girlpool, “Emily
Audio outro: Colin Blunstone, “This is Your Captain Calling

Link to MLBTR on Pollock and Kimbrel
Link to Ben Clemens on the CBA/CBT change
Link to La Russa quote
Link to umpires and replay story
Link to Home Run Derby X video
Link to Home Run Derby X explainer
Link to Sam on home run derby
Link to Jeter giveaway
Link to Jeter’s HoF plaque
Link to Ronaldo statue story
Link to fresco restoration story
Link to story about Yankees broadcasts
Link to Ohtani/Trout/Watt photo
Link to Bourcard Nesin on Twitter
Link to Liquid Assets podcast
Link to SBJ story on splitting sponsorships
Link to 2015 story on US/Canada MLB sponsors
Link to 2018 story on US/Canada MLB sponsors
Link to 0-9 Twins/Braves EW episode
Link to The Billions Companion on Doyle
Ben on Billions dialogue
Link to baseball captains wiki
Link to hockey captains wiki
Link to story about Belt being captain
Link to THT story on L/R players
Link to WSJ story on R/L players
Link to THT story on R/L players
Link to story about Guardians theme song
Link to “We Are Cleveland” song
Link to Twins fight song
Link to “Get Metsmerized!”
Link to manager/player-age Stat Blast data
Link to Stefan’s Radke article
Link to Sam on Radke
Link to Aaron Gleeman on Radke
Link to Russell on hitting and defense
Link to AP story about minor leaguers

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