Effectively Wild Episode 1824: Who, What, When, Where, Why

Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley continue to break down a busy, chaotic week in MLB by bantering about which was wilder, this week or the week leading up to the lockout, then breaking down the Rockies signing Kris Bryant, the Dodgers signing Freddie Freeman, the Blue Jays trading for Matt Chapman and the new AL East hierarchy, the Yankees re-signing Anthony Rizzo and largely confounding their fans, the Red Sox staying idle, Kyle Schwarber going to Philly and Zack Greinke returning to K.C., the Cubs signing Seiya Suzuki (and others) and seemingly not Nutting after all(?), assorted Giants and Braves moves, and more, plus closing banter about new/old minor league names, a milestone decision in a court case about minor league pay, and a rule reversion intended to cut down on rampant roster reshuffling.

Audio intro: Spoon, “Wild
Audio outro: Michael Nesmith, “Keep On

Link to The Athletic report about Bryant
Link to FanGraphs post about Bryant
Link to Van Lenten hiring report
Link to Van Lenten firing report
Link to Ben on the Freeman saga
Link to Ben Clemens on Freeman
Link to Chapman trade post
Link to Rizzo signing post
Link to Lindsey Adler on the Yankees
Link to Sale injury news
Link to The Athletic on Schwarber
Link to FanGraphs on Schwarber
Link to Greinke signing post
Link to Suzuki signing post
Link to Suzuki projections post
Link to Villar signing post
Link to Giants signings post
Link to Braves signings post
Link to league names news
Link to minor league pay ruling
Link to Baseball America on the ruling
Link to California bill story
Link to news about roster-churn rules
Link to BP on options use
Link to FanGraphs playoff odds
Link to FanGraphs transaction roundup

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