Effectively Wild Episode 1823: Building Up, Tearing Down

Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter about a packed few days of post-lockout action, including news about the zombie runner and a ball-strike challenge system, Fernando Tatis Jr.’s fractured wrist and motorcycle mayhem, Pete Alonso‘s close call, Mike Trout’s vetoed position change, the Yankees and Mets potentially losing unvaxxed players in home games, and how nice it is to talk about non-lockout-related news. Then they discuss transactions, including the Braves’ bittersweet decision to move on from Freddie Freeman by acquiring and extending Matt Olson, the prospects the A’s got back, why Freeman’s departure isn’t like the Mookie Betts trade, the Reds’ trades with the Twins and Mariners, the difference (if any) between the Athletics’ and Reds’ teardowns, the Twins-Yankees trade involving Josh Donaldson, Isiah Kiner-Falefa, Ben Rortvedt, Gary Sánchez, and Gio Urshela, a taxonomy of Yankees Beef Boys, and what the Twins are doing, as well as moves involving Chris Bassitt, Yusei Kikuchi, Nelson Cruz, Andrew McCutchen, Carlos Rodón, Clayton Kershaw, Kurt Suzuki, and Willians Astudillo.

Audio intro: Ozzy Osbourne, “Zombie Stomp
Audio outro: The Bats, “Busy

Link to report about zombie runner
Link to Tatis news
Link to Alonso truck video
Link to story on pickup accidents
Link to Trout’s position story
Link to NYC vaccination story
Link to Judge video
Link to daylight saving time story
Link to Olson trade post
Link to Oakland prospects post
Link to story about Olson’s strikeouts
Link to Olson extension post
Link to data on Freeman comps
Link to WS winner roster research
Link to Mariners-Reds trade post
Link to BP on the Mariners-Reds trade
Link to Yankees-Twins trade post
Link to Rortvedt muscles story
Link to Cole-Donaldson beef story
Link to Rob Liefeld drawings
Link to Gray trade post
Link to Gleeman on the Twins trades
Link to Dan on 12-team-playoff odds
Link to current FanGraphs playoff odds
Link to Cruz signing post
Link to McCutchen signing post
Link to Kikuchi signing post
Link to Bassitt trade post
Link to Kershaw signing post
Link to Suzuki signing post
Link to FanGraphs trade posts
Link to FanGraphs FA signing posts

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