Effectively Wild Episode 1813: The Stanky Draft

Inspired by the loophole-exposing chicanery of former player and manager Eddie “The Brat” Stanky, Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley draft 19 MLB rule changes that were solely or largely precipitated by one player, manager, coach, or owner.

Audio intro: We Are Scientists, “Rules Don’t Stop
Audio outro: Pezband, “Eddie’s Pals

Link to A Game of Inches
Link to A Game of Inches intro
Link to King Kelly myth
Link to archaic/obsolete rule changes
Link to story about Chapman and new balls
Link to more on Chapman and balls
Link to story on the spitball’s evolution
Link to story on banning the spitball
Link to Utley slide rule story
Link to Stanky maneuver story
Link to Stanky maneuver image
Link to Stanky maneuver/sac fly rule
Link to story on Randle foul ball play
Link to Randle video
Link to story on foul ball rules
Link to A Game of Inches on fair-fouls
Link to Nate Silver on Barnes
Link to Barnes Stathead WAR query
Link to Stanky running start rule story
Link to base-coach interference passage
Link to Schaefer reverse-running rule
Link to story about the Schaefer play
Link to Schaefer in The Glory of Their Times
Link to The Glory of Their Times fact-checks
Link to story on Harry Davis play
Link to story on Segura play
Link to Veeck’s fences story
Link to Ben on Veeck As in Wreck
Link to Green Cathedrals debunking
Link to A Game of Inches on Lane
Link to Venditte rule blog post
Link to ESPN Venditte feature
Link to 2008 NYT Venditte story
Link to 2008 Venditte video
Link to oversized mitt story
Link to A Game of Inches on oversized mitts
Link to Ben on the Waxahachie Swap
Link to start of Stanky LIFE story
Link to end of Stanky LIFE story
Link to Stanky college mound visit story
Link to Stanky SABR bio
Link to Stanky South Alabama feature
Link to Stanky retirement story
Link to George Wright hat catch story
Link to old hat catch rule
Link to NYT Hornsby story
Link to BP on why players can’t be owners
Link to story on the Spiders and syndicates
Link to ESPN on the foul-strike rule
Link to foul-strike rule in A Game of Inches
Link to Jeff’s Capps delivery post
Link to Weaver’s phantom DH rule
Link to Grant on Posey and Avila
Link to more info on home-plate collisions
Link to post on Gaedel and Veeck
Link to Cooney interference story

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