Effectively Wild Episode 1807: The Principle of the Thing

Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter about the latest lockout stalemate and how to decide where to lay blame, a changing of the umpirial guard in which Joe West (finally) leaves and John Libka enters, and whether there could be an MLB equivalent of the NFL’s current tanking scandal, then answer listener emails about watching baseball during the playoffs, whether to raise a child to root for the Yankees or Red Sox, the root of Hall of Fame culture, the criteria for becoming a baseball cover model, a foul-tip rule, and identifying MLB players without their identifying features, plus (1:11:54) Stat Blasts about home run trees, the modern equivalent of “Three-and-Two Jack” Graney, and whether MLB adheres to the Pareto Principle.

Audio intro: Sloan, “Laying Blame
Audio outro: Boat, “I Believe in the Principle

Link to Evan Drellich’s latest
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Link to Lawrence Taylor story
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Link to MLB rulebook
Link to foul-tip thread
Link to EW’s Trout hypotheticals
Link to home run trees info
Link to “Three-and-Two Jack” story
Link to 3-2 count leaderboard
Link to Pareto principle wiki
Link to Pareto principle post
Link to combined WAR leaderboard
Link to Travis Sawchik salary research
Link to Ben Clemens on Super Two
Link to Clemens on arbitration

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