Beat the Shift Podcast – NFBC Episode w/ Jenny Butler

The NFBC Episode of the Beat the Shift Podcast – a baseball podcast for fantasy baseball players.

Guest: Jenny Butler

First Pitch Arizona mishaps

Strategy Section

  • Playing in the NFBC
    • What is the NFBC?
    • How Jenny got into the NFBC and how you can get your start
      • Tools that a first time player should use
    • Differences between home leagues and the NFBC
    • Differences between standalone leagues and leagues with an overall prize
    • The value of multi-positional players in the NFBC
    • KDS selection preferences
  • Should we pay the market premium for saves and for speed?
  • Roster Construction
    • General principles
    • Should you create a “Do Not Draft” list?
  • Draft preparation tips
  • Incorporating risk into drafting decisions
  • Jacob deGrom – What to make of the current Steamer IP projection?
  • Power Drafters
    • Should you incorporate a “deGrom share” into your fantasy portfolio?
    • Should you diversify your player selections on your fantasy teams?
  • How to find fantasy baseball sleepers

Player debates

Injury Guru’s Trivia of the Week

Our favorite fantasy baseball podcasts to listen to


  • Taking advice from expert analysts and performing well in fantasy baseball leagues
  • Z-scores – using the limited player pool vs. the entire player pool

Injury Update – Reuven gives us the injury updates.


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