Beat the Shift Podcast – Episode w/ Jeremy Hefner (New York Mets)

The latest episode of the Beat the Shift Podcast – a baseball podcast for fantasy baseball players.

Guest: Jeremy Hefner, New York Mets


  • Highlight of career
  • Game preparation
    • Preparing players for the mental & physical aspects of the game
    • Is game planning more about having players pitch to their strengths, or about exploiting weaknesses of your opponents ?
    • In-game management
      • 3rd time through the order
    • Use of an “opener”
    • How “first-in” and “next-in” pitchers coming out of the bullpen are decided
  • Health
    • Keeping pitchers healthy throughout the season
    • Extended rest between outings – good or bad?
  • Analytics
    • How best to use analytics as a coach
      • Objective vs. subjective view
    • Analytics vs. Gut
      • Pulling Blake Snell in the World Series
      • Trusting analytics, and when to go with your gut
    • How are stats/analytics used to help players on the major league level?
      • Which are the key stats/indicators that you look at?
  • Injury Guru Trivia of the Week
  • Rule changes in baseball
    • Universal DH
    • 3 batter minimum rule for pitchers
    • Extra inning runner on 2nd base rule
  • Position players pitching in baseball
    • Effectiveness of Ariel pitching in the major leagues
  • Mailbag
    • Coaching players older than yourself
    • Do teams overuse bullpens?
    • How to keep players relaxed?
    • Do you promote pitchers helping other staff pitchers?
  • Most influential players & coaches on Jeremy’s career


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