Advanced Scoring Weights for Fantasy Baseball 2022 – Fantasy Baseball 2022

Advanced Scoring Weights for Fantasy Baseball 2022

Hi Folks

Hi Folks,

If you play in a Rotisserie league, our Draft Advisory software is designed to give you the
opportunity to favor the more predictable categories in your league.
Instead of each category having an even “1” weighting, it’s an opportunity to
play the percentages of predictability, allowing you to give different weights
to each Roto category that are relevant to your league scoring. I’m sure many of
you already know that categories such as Batting Average can fluctuate wildly on
a yearly basis. So wouldn’t it make sense to slightly underweight that category
when creating your rankings?

Within the Setup|Edit
League Settings
section, select the Rotisserie scoring option and
check the Advanced option located above the scoring grid. This scoring option
will allow you to weigh each Rotisserie category according to your preference.
Although most leagues use an equal weighing for each Rotisserie category some
leagues do not. Even if your league uses an equal weighing system, it’s
important to understand that not every statistical category has an equal

From a predictability standpoint, here is a
recent 3 year correlation (excluding the shorten 2020 season) in forecasting for each of the following player stat
categories :

(See more category correlations by clicking

In the statistical term of correlation, the
range of correlation ranges from -1 to +1, with 1.00 considered a perfect “fit”,
the better the fit the more reliable the forecast. A .20 is considered a loose
correlation, .4 a good correlation, and .6 a very good fit. Thus we know that
there is a higher predictability in forecasting
Homeruns, Stolen Bases, Pitcher’s Strikeouts,
. Neutral categories include Runs
Batted In
and Runs Scored.
Categories that offer poor
year over year includes Batting
Average, ERA, Saves,
and Wins.

For those who would like to play the
percentages, for 2022 we suggest the following weighing within these typical
categories. As an example of what these weighting signify, Batting Average
entered in as a .8, which basically weighs the Batting Average category at 80%,
while the Stolen Base category (which is very predictable) is entered as a 1.4,
which weighs the category at 140%.

(See more categories for the Advanced settings by clicking

Overall, the tweaking discussed above won’t
dramatically change the rankings, but you will be be increasing the odds of
predictability for your team…and whenever there is an statistical advantage to
gain, it’s something worth exploiting. – Anthony

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