1016 – Draft Strategies ft. Lauren Auerbach


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  • Notable Transactions/News/Rumors
      • Pocket Aces (2 Starters in the first 2 round)
        • If I draft only pitchers in the first 10 rounds, who are the position players you fill your roster with? It’s a strategy I’m planning on one draft
      • Pocket Closers (2 Closers in the first 5-6 rounds)
      • Balanced Team
      • LIMA (Low Investment Mound Aces)
      • Punting Categories
      • Drowning the Pool
      • Labadini
      • MRI Theory

Twitter Questions

    • If you could hang out with an Mike in the world, who would it be?
    • Keeper Question:
      • Matt Olson vs Tyler O’Neil
      • Jack Flaherty, Robbie Ray, Shane McClanahan or Yu Darvish?
    • Who would you say is a “Lauren player,” that meaning a guy you can’t really explain WHY you like, you just do?
    • Why does she put up with Mike willingly? So many better options to co host a pod with?
    • Lauren, are you concerned about the coffee budget for all these SP streamer  “did you know” videos & its impact on the business long term?
    • Why will the Braves not win the division this year and why will it be the Mets?

As usual, don’t hesitate to tweet us or comment below with fantasy questions.

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Approximately 80 minutes of joyous analysis.

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